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When you value accurate rainfall measurements.  You need a precipitation sensor manufactured in the UK by EML.



Robust, quality Wind Sensors also manufactured in the UK by EML.



Naturally aspirated sensor shields for accurate temperature and humidity measurements.



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A UK Manufacturer of Weather Instrumentation based near Newcastle Upon Tyne

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EML are specialist UK manufacturers of precipitation sensors (rain gauges and detectors), wind sensors (anemometers), radiation shields (naturally aspirated stevenson screens), weather stations and other Meteorology/Hydrology equipment.

ARG100_2013_2Environmental Measurements Ltd (EML) is a dynamic UK company that has established a worldwide reputation over 25 years.  We manufacture and supply high accuracy specialist hydrological and meteorological monitoring products.  At EML we are very proud that each in our range of precipitation sensors is the most accurate in their respective class.  Just ask some of our customers - the UK's Met Office and Environmental Protection Agencies (SEPA and EA)!  Some of our other clients include the World's largest systems integrators.  We offer the most robust, accurate and cost-effective precipitation sensors on the market, based on the scientifically proven aerodynamic principle. 

EML's reputation for reliability is renowned with our customers.  We consistently win "top supplier" awards at many of the biggest Hydro-Met systems integrators in the world.  We achieve this by being able to meet our clients' specific delivery requirements.  We also respond to any enquiries on a same-day basis.

EML also offer top-class consultancy and installation services for a wide range of clients.  These include Nuclear Power Plants which need high accuracy weather data for emergency planning and environmental monitoring purposes.  Additionally, City Councils and Local Authorities use our services for designing and implementing flood warning systems and cost-effective environmental systems.  Other clients include Universities and Research Institutes but can be as diverse as sheep farmers on the Falkland Islands to villages in Papua New Guinea.  If you care about your data, come to EML!

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Environmental Measurements Ltd is based on the Orion Business Park in our modern manufacturing workshop and office facilities situated near the Tyne Tunnel, next to the A19 and only a few miles from Newcastle Upon Tyne and Newcastle International Airport.
So, whatever your meteorological and hydrological problems and requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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